This vehicle is a car that runs on land and a speed boat that runs on water, you will be surprised to know the mileage

After the release of James Bond movies, it became easier for people to imagine a car that runs on water. A car that looks like a normal car, but also runs on water. The vehicle that was once a fantasy has now become a reality. There are many companies that have built water-powered cars and some of them claim that their models are ready for production. One company bringing this idea to life is Watercar, which has created a vehicle called the h1-Panther, which can also run on water.

Southern California-based Watercar’s h1-Panther vehicle is built on an original Hummer chassis. The company has Website But all the details of this vehicle have been made available, which reveal that the team ditched the heavy steel and iron of the Hummer SUV and instead used new lightweight metals like aluminum or stainless steel. Its base price is $465,000 (approx. Rs. 3.80 crore).

All these changes reduced the weight of the vehicle. Then, the SUV was decked out with bespoke components like a 6061 aluminum hull and closed foam-filled flotation cells that help it float.

Watercar’s ‘water car’ can run on both land and water and the company has also shown a demo of it. The company has shared several videos on its social media channels, in which the cars are seen running on land and then on water.

In water, this car can run at a speed of 35 knots. 5 to 6 passengers can travel in this train. The car is equipped with a 4×4 transmission and is powered by a Chevrolet LS3 engine. This car has also been approved by the US Coast Guard. This car takes just 20 seconds to go from land to water. The company claims the car can be driven 380 miles (about 611 km) on land and swim about 95 miles (about 155 km) in water.

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