Unable to afford solar energy? You may now submit a funding application.

South Africans have been trying to find alternatives to power supply since the implementation of high loadshedding phases. But those who have considered the abyss Eskom For solar power but can’t afford it now there is a better option – financing.

Homeowners Can Find Light Through Blackouts

Electricity utilities will be in high stages of loadshedding this week, meaning many people will be without electricity for four hours at a time, two to three times a day.

The ongoing power cuts have left businessmen and homeowners disappointed.

But there is an alternative to bringing light to people going through annoying blackouts. It is released through a new innovative asset-based solar finance product Nedbank’s MFC Division this month.

The good news is that anyone can apply it, even people who do not have a bank or have a relationship with Nedbank.

Homeowners can get an affordable and flexible finance option for solar panels.

Solar power financing options mean homeowners won’t have to investigate solar installation companies. Photo: qz.com

This means homeowners can purchase a solar power system such as getting finance for a car through Nedbank’s vehicle financing department, businesstech Report.

“MFC, a division of Nedbank and Home Energy have partnered to offer an industry-leading client solution, providing you with a custom proposal in minutes and access to our market of reliable, professional solar installers. “

Nedbank and Home Energy

How Solar Financing Option Works

Over the next 12 months, Nedbank and Home Energy Will provide over 3,000 solar loans and installations.

It’s Home Energy’s method of providing a convenient and online experience that matches homeowners with verified installers in their area.

The service is available in all nine provinces as the company expands to meet demand. Solar installers are also welcome to be accredited by Hohm Energy.

People who need solar power will not need to shop around to check for such installers. This is because the financing process is easily managed by Home’s energy advisory model. This model ensures that reliable advice is given at every step.

The initiative provides all background checks to accredited solar installers and then sources them to access the Nedbank MFC finance product.

Those who want to opt for this option for the current load shedding can apply Here,

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