UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’s call with US President Joe Biden on 6 September 2022

PM talks to President Biden This Evening.

The President congratulated the new Prime Minister on his position. As leaders of free democracies, the prime minister looked forward to collaborating closely with President Biden to address common difficulties, particularly the serious economic issues posed by Putin’s struggle.

President Biden and the prime minister discussed the enduring strength of the special relationship. They agreed that cooperation between our nations, strengthened by our common principles, is essential to the preservation and spread of freedom and democracy throughout the world.

He committed to strengthen these ties, in particular by strengthening our comprehensive defense alliance through NATO and AUX. The leaders reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen global freedoms, to counter the threats posed by autocracy, and to reaffirm Putin’s failure. Ukraine,

The Prime Minister and the President addressed various internal problems and agreed that Belfast (Good.) Friday) the agreement must be protected.

Prime Minister and President Biden expected Future Encounter.

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