SNAP Benefits: Who will get this extra $95 monthly payment?

TeaIt cannot be denied that the year 2022 has been particularly hard on the wallet of the average American. The inflation rate for August is pegged at 8.3 percent, United States of america Residents are paying more for basic necessities like food and gas.

The situation is so bad in fact that the US military has asked its soldiers to apply for food stamps to buy their basic groceries.

In view of the above, the State of New York under the direction of the Governor Kathy Hochuluhas announced that it will inject approximately $234 million of federal funding to help those currently receiving food stamp assistance.

In a resolution, which was announced on September 13, 2022, the Governor hochulu said that individuals who were already receiving food stamps would continue to receive additional benefits from the $234 million fund approved, along with additional benefits received since the start of the pandemic.

“Many hardworking New Yorkers continue to feel the effects of the pandemic—fighting to make ends meet and put food on the table,” Governor hochulu said in an official press statement.

“My administration will continue to take action to support our most vulnerable communities, and the $234 million in SNAP benefits announced today will provide the hundreds of thousands of New York families with the money they need to avoid food insecurity.”

Who is eligible?

Those currently receiving SNAP benefits will be eligible to receive additional payments from the fund. This means that even if a family is already close or at the maximum benefit level of $835 for a family of four, they will still receive a supplemental payment of at least $95.

“These supplemental payments increase the purchasing power of SNAP recipients at a time when struggling families are facing higher prices at the grocery store,” it said. Daniel W. titzNew York State Office of the Temporary and Disability Assistance Commissioner.

“This aid is aiding New York’s continued recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic by helping New Yorkers keep healthy food on the table.”

It is estimated that over 1.6 million families and over 2.8 million New Yorkers have benefitted from Snap during the month of July alone.

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