Scientists will dig in the sea in search of ‘alien’! Know what to do

Aliens are a topic that has fascinated people, scientists and governments around the world. Scientists from America to Australia are engaged in gathering information about aliens. A Harvard professor believes the meteorite that crashed into the southwestern Pacific Ocean near Australia nearly a decade ago may have been an alien spacecraft. Professor Avi Loeb is planning a $2.2 million (about 17 crore 99 lakh 31 thousand 400 rupees) mission to recover this mystery.

The meteorite that Professor Loeb talks about crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2014, about 160 kilometers off the coast of Papua New Guinea, Australia’s neighbor. Loeb believes his mission could answer the question of whether we are alone in the universe.

Loeb wants to find the meteorite and examine whether it is just a space rock or a spacecraft from another civilization. Loeb appears to have raised funds for his campaign. His team will explore the ocean floor and discover the structure of the meteorite. Report Accordingly, this space rock is the third type known to have come to Earth. It is not known how many other space rocks have fallen to Earth.

Loeb thinks aliens exist, but he has no evidence to prove it. He feels that there is a need to study more about this. Loeb believes his mission could reveal important information about aliens.

He said that most stars were formed 5 billion years before the Sun. There was plenty of time for any civilization to flourish around them. Maybe there is a civilization out there that will try to reach us. He said that we should accept that we are not the smartest in the universe. To learn about aliens, we don’t just need to look up, we also need to look down.

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