NY Powerball Sep 21 2022 Results

NY Powerball September 21 2022 Results

NY Powerball Sep 21 2022 Winning Numbers – The MUSL Lottery Commission has announced the NY Powerball live draw for Monday, August 6 2022. The drawing of the NY Powerball lottery draw is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 11 p.m. EST. Players have until 10:49 PM EST on the date of the draw to purchase NY Powerball Sep 21 2022 lottery tickets, otherwise, they will not be awarded tickets even if they are just a minute late.

You can find here the New York Lottery Powerball winning numbers for today, August 6, 2022. Powerball is one of the oldest members of MUSL. The New York Lottery Organization NY Powerball Sep 21 2022 does not sell tickets online, in advance on mobile, or in the Internet.

Estimated Jackpot Prize of NY Powerball September 21, 2022: ($186 million).

congratulations NY Powerball 21 September 2022 Winners:

Contact us regularly for the fastest results of NY Powerball Sep 21 2022. Summary of today’s results and winning points for today 6 August 2022.

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NY Powerball next live draw;

September 24, 2022 at exactly 11:00 PM ET.

NY Powerball Sep 21 2022

New York (NY) Powerball winning numbers in the last 30 days:

See today’s results and past winning numbers for the New York Lottery Powerball winning numbers for August 6, 2022 here as well. See more for 7, 10 and 60 days of live drawing data of the winning numbers for the NY Powerball Lottery. The table below highlights the draw date, day, number of previous wins, jackpot prizes and multiple winners for the specific day and date.

Read more about the New York Lottery Post and New York Live draw results:

How to claim NY Powerball Sep 21 2022 :

Following are the instructions to claim the NY Powerball 21 September 2022 jackpot prize:

You must be at least 18 years old to play NY Powerball Sep 21 2022 or other New York lottery games. You must claim the winning prize of NY Powerball Sep 21 2022 within 180 days to avoid any ambiguity.

For more questions about how to receive payments for your lottery and tax obligations, please visit www.irs.gov.

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