NATO reaffirms support for Albania following cyber attacks

Senior NATO officials met with Albanian Defense Minister Nikko Peleshi in Tirana on Wednesday (21 September 2022) to assess the recent cyber attack on Albania’s national information infrastructure and to discuss further NATO support. They were joined by Artemis Malo, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and representatives from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and National Cyber ​​Security Authorities.

“NATO supports our ally Albania in the current challenging context, and we will continue to do so in the future as it strengthens its cyber capabilities to counter and address malicious cyber activities,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary-General ( to the emerging security challenges) James Appathurai said.

This follows a September 8 statement by the North Atlantic Council condemning malicious cyber activities, for which Albania and other allies have blamed Iran’s government. All allies stand in solidarity with Albania, and NATO and allied cyber experts are supporting their Albanian counterparts.

NATO allies are committed to continuing to support each other to prevent, defend and counter the full spectrum of cyber threats by considering possible collective responses. The allies also called on all states to honor their international commitments to uphold a standards-based approach to cyberspace.

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