National Geographic’s new series recounts terrifying moments when outdoor adventures went horribly wrong.

these are right now Some terrifying moments featured in the new National Geographic series “Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin,” which tells the crazy stories of elite adventure athletes when things went catastrophically wrong.

The series is the latest project from Chin, a professional skier, climber, and filmmaker, and his wife, E. Chai Vasarely. the directorial duo is known for their SpecialityLong documentaries like “Meru,” “The Rescue,” and “Free Solo” won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

“I think of it as one of the greatest stories you haven’t heard, because if you look at the roster, it’s literally the greatest, the most elite athlete in each of their lives. Play or discipline,” said Chin Interview with an insider.

But instead of telling stories of athlete’s achievements, 10-case The series focuses on some of his weakest moments. One episode features big mountain skier Angel Collinson down a 1,000-foot drop in Alaska. Another describes an ascent by professional climber Alex Honnold in Morocco without the safety of ropes. One episode showed how big wave surfer Justin DuPont got crushed in a massive swell in Hawaii.

The series features the breathtaking shots one would expect from stories about outdoor athletes, but it is also scary and emotional at times as athletes describe their accidents – often with harrowing footage – as well as regretting the mistakes they made. And the embarrassment they experience, and how they move on.

Filmmaker and climber Jimmy Chin is interviewed in Los Angeles, CA, for National Geographic’s “Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin”.

National Geographic/Tig Wasserman

“It’s the truth. It’s not some shiny version of ‘We’re pro athletes, we’re always stunned, we’re never scared,'” Chin, who also serves as the series’ narrator, said. Red because it isn’t.”

Fans watch professional climbers, snowboarders, and surfers at their best and most winning moments—when they’ve just won a competition, in sleek footage sporting the gear of their sponsors, and the spectacular shared on their Instagram feeds In pictures and videos.

But Chin wanted to remind viewers that elite athletes are not superheroes and shed light on some of the mental challenges that come with doing these sports.

“There is a lot of external pressure and internal pressure to be perfect and infallible and yet we are all human,” Chin said.

“I think it’s even more inspiring to hear how these athletes have come out of these difficult moments when they were performing at their peak,” he continued. “It’s an access point for people to understand what these athletes and people are really like.”

Chin himself is the subject of an episode. he tells Story He was nearly buried alive after being caught in a class-four avalanche while skiing at his home range, the Wyoming Tetons.

Chin explained, “I felt like if I was asking everyone else to put it on the table, it would be fair if I put it there as well.” He cited the episode in which whitewater kayaker Gerd Cerasols nearly drowns after falling over a 50-foot waterfall — and accompanying GoPro footage that shows him on the verge of death.

“I was like, ‘Well, I can’t ask people to do this unless I’m willing to do that,'” he said.

“Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin” premieres on National Geographic on September 5. All 10 episodes will be available for streaming on Disney+ on September 7.

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