How does Earth look from the Moon? The video is out, you can watch it too

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission is progressing successfully. The mission, which started on November 16, has now started showing its ‘power’. The Orion spacecraft set off to explore the moon aboard the SLS rocket has sent back a spectacular video. In this video, you can see the view from the moon as seen from Earth. The Orion spacecraft captured Earth with its high-resolution camera as it flew by the Moon. Such a view has rarely been seen, in which the Earth is seen from the Moon.

According to reports, the spacecraft reached the moon on November 21 and started its engines. NASA has shown live footage of the Orion spacecraft burning its engines as it flies by the moon. You’re looking at Earth, you’re looking at home, NASA spokeswoman Sandra Jones said during live coverage of the Orion spacecraft’s flyby of the moon. In that image you are seeing yourself i.e. Earth.

The Orion spacecraft was 373,000 kilometers from Earth when it sent this footage. All this was made possible by the high resolution cameras installed in the spacecraft. Perhaps this is the first time the Earth has been seen from the Moon. Orion spacecraft is said to have passed very close to the moon. It crossed the lunar surface with a radius of 81 miles. No astronaut is present in this spacecraft.

NASA has also expressed the possibility that humans will start staying on the moon for a long time by the end of this decade. Howard Hu said that the Artemis mission enables us to have a permanent platform and transport system. This allows us to learn how to operate in that deep space environment. Howard Hu said that we are working towards a permanent program on the Moon. Pointing to the Orion spacecraft, he said that this is the vehicle that will take man back to the moon.

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