Kyle Rittenhouse fail: only made 2.5k after one month of crowdfunding for civil law suits

KYale Rittenhouse has made close to $2,500 in crowdfunding just over the past month to tackle civil law suits. kenosha The shooter has made a lot of public appearances since criminally acquitted To deal with fundraising and the legal fees he bears.

However, despite Rittenhouse’s applause and parade ask for Agitating for months, they seem to have been forgotten of late. His media presence is now less and his legal troubles are not over.

The 19-year-old was charged with murder, attempt to murder and reckless endangerment after killing two people, Joseph Rosenbaum And Anthony Hubeand a third wounded, gege groscretzWith an AR-style semi-automatic rifle during a turbulent night of protests over police violence against black people in August of 2020. However, in November of 2021, he was free from all charges,

Kyle Rittenhouse Banned From Popular gofundme website, but an alternative service Used by a group called “Freedom-loving, Patriotic Friends of the Rittenhouse Family”. So far, the campaign, listed on Rittenhouse’s official site, has earned a modest $80 per day (since listed) to prevent civil law lawsuits brought against them by the families of slain protesters.

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