Bollywood director’s allegation that Sunny Deol did not complete the film despite taking money, did not return the amount!

Sunil Darshan vs Sunny Deol : Well-known Bollywood director and producer Sunil Darshan has been ‘missing’ from the film industry for the past several years. Now news has surfaced that he has seriously accused actor Sunny Deol of cheating. In an interview, Sunil Darshan said that he had given money to Sunny while signing a film many years ago, which Sunny did not return. During this interaction, Sunil Darshan also made many other big revelations. Let’s find out what the whole case is.

Who doesn’t know the actor from Gadar movie. Sunny Deol is making a name for himself in the film industry. He has given more than one hit film. Many of his dialogues in the film are not forgotten. Sunny Deol, who is famous for his action characters, rules the hearts of people. In such a situation, the things told by director Sunil Darshan are astounding. One to Bollywood Hungama the interview In I he stated that Sunny refused to return the money till the end of the contract date.

During the interview, Sunil Darshan said- ‘He (Sunny Deol) had a lot of ego. At first he promised to return the signature amount, but later he started saying that he didn’t have the money. Although Sunny said that you should make a film. This matter is 26 years old and since then I am suing him. Sunil Darshan said that Sunny Deol has cheated me.

Sunil Darshan said that he has taken the matter to the Chief Justice of India, Justice Bharucha. This was at a time when Justice Bharucha had not retired. Sunny had then said that he could not return the signing amount due to lack of money. Sunny was ready to work with me, but I was shooting for another film.

Sunil Darshan said that in those days I was working with his brother Bobby Deol. We did three films in a row with Bobby. When my legal team sent a notice to Sunny, his team replied that they don’t like the dialogues in the film. He added – I have no complaint against him now.

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