Brendan Fraser cried when ‘The Whale’ received a 6-minute standing ovation at Venice

Brendan Fraser doesn’t hesitate to wear his emotions on his sleeve, as can be seen from his heartfelt response His new thriller “The Whale” received a warm welcome at the Venice Film Festival.

According to Variety, Fraser got emotional when audiences gave the cast and crew of “The Whale” a six-minute standing ovation during the film. sunday Night premiere.

Reportedly, the “George of the Jungle” star “sobbed” while clapping and hugged director Darren Aronofsky repeatedly. According to Variety, Fraser attempted to leave the stage at one point, but continued praise prompted him to take another bow.

As of Tuesday morning, a film on Reddit that shows Fraser crying during a standing ovation has received more than 70,000 upvotes. In the short video, the teary-eyed actor can be seen standing and bowing on stage while the audience applauds and cheers.

The film ‘The Whale’ is based on the play of the same title and stars Fraser and Sadie Sink.

Playwright Samuel D. Hunter told Vanity Fair that he was inspired to write “The Whale” after reading a written response from a student while teaching at Rutgers.

Charlie, portrayed by Fraser, is a reclusive English teacher with life-threatening obesity. as him Health Deteriorating, Charlie attempts to mend his relationship with his teenage daughter, portrayed by Sink, and mourns the death of his partner.

“I was self-medicating with food, and it was hard for me,” Hunter told Vanity Fair. Live In World as that person. “I had never heard Story Said so accurately.

In the same interview, Aronofsky described Fraser as a perfect fit for the role, saying, “I considered every actor for the role of Charlie, but it never made sense or felt right.”

And despite donning a thick suit resembling prosthetics and a “straight jacket” to represent Charlie, Fraser was pleased to be “reproduced” through his work on the film.

“I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs, so I’m looking forward to realizing that I’m combining art and learning from it in the second half of my career. It’s an excellent opportunity. I wanted to disappear into it.” ,” “Mommy” said.

According to reports, ‘The Whale’ will be released in theaters on December 9.

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