The new Aidea AA-Wiz electric cargo scooter can run 123 km on a single charge, know the price

Aidea has introduced an electric cargo scooter called the AA-Wiz, which brings a more practical design and improvements over the company’s current offering, the AA-Cargo. The AA-Wiz electric two-wheeler offers multiple cargo compartments, which can be used to store a lot of stuff at once. The company claims that this cargo electric scooter is capable of offering a range of 123 km on a single charge.

Aidea held an event in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday, where the company showcased its latest AA-Wiz electric scooter among several vehicles. This electric cargo scooter has been introduced in three variants namely Alpha, Beta and Pro. Of these, the Alpha and Beta models are priced at 528,000 yen (around Rs. 3 lakh), while the Pro model will be sold for 539,000 yen (around Rs. 3.15 lakh). The Pro variant gets additional front basket cargo space.

The new Aidea AA-Wiz electric cargo scooter is built on the platform of the existing AA-Cargo e-scooter, but its design is not as heavy as the current model. The AA-Wiz was designed by Italian designer Claudio Zanchini and features integrated luggage compartments on the front and back.

Coming to the powertrain, it gets a rear hub-driven electric motor, which is paired with a 3.85kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Due to its lightweight design, the AA-Wiz has a longer range than the AA-Cargo. The company claims that it can cover a distance of up to 123 km on a full charge.

The electric cargo scooter includes front and rear disc brakes, full LED lights and a large digital LCD screen. It also offers a 200V/100V charging system for home use. It also has a USB port for charging devices.

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